Precautions for use in spray booth

- May 11, 2019-

Precautions for use in spray booth

(1) The floor of the spray booth must be kept clean;

(2) The vehicle must be cleaned before entering the spray booth, and remove dangerous goods such as inflammable and explosive materials (except gasoline in the fuel tank of the automobile);

(3) Minimize the number of times of entering and leaving the spray booth during the spraying process to prevent dust from entering;

(4) Before the vehicle is sprayed, it must be ensured that the fuel tank has oil to prevent the oil pump from being damaged due to lack of oil;

(5) Workers must wear overalls when entering the spray booth, and it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the spray booth;

(6) Except for the spray gun and the oil carrier in the spray booth, no more paint can be placed in the spray booth;

(7) If mosquitoes are present in the paint booth, the mosquito repellent should be used to remove the mosquitoes before spraying.

(8) For dry filtration systems, filters must be inspected and replaced periodically.Filters should be replaced frequently to ensure that the air flow rate in the paint booth meets the manufacturer's recommended air flow rate specifications.

 (9) Regularly check whether the gaps that may leak around the paint booth are sealed to prevent external dust particles from entering the spray booth.